Awakening Our Souls

Are you living your Soul Purpose?  Is your heart filled with happiness each day when you awake?  At Awakening our Souls our focus is to ensure you live the life of your dreams and that the life of your dreams is aligned with Spirit, meaning you are doing the work here on earth that you were meant to do.  For a free consultation – call 562-234-1037.

Our current generation is experiencing a paradigm shift, this a fact.  Over the last few years  many of us are clear that the way we have been operating no longer serves us, and more importantly no longer satisfies us deep within our soul.  Many of us have been evaluating our core values and how we have expressed them; and more importantly how we want to express them in the world going forward- in our families, in our professional careers, with our friends, in the causes we support.

The searching has left a void, and we have found within that emptiness a profound knowing that we “must” live the remainder of our lives dedicated to “our” Soul Purpose.  The obstacle we face is two fold; the first being we must filter through all we have been taught to determine what is truly in our soul language and not the requirements of society; secondly upon understanding what our true soul purpose is how do we bring that expression out into the world AND still make a wage to live everyday lives.

The “Old Paradigm” tells us that these items: Soul Purpose and a Decent Earned Wage are mutually exclusive.  History has showed us that those dedicated to serving others and the world are in the forms of Monks or Mother Theresa.  All of which we aspire to be yet not practical for living in a material world.  What has been learned through all of our discussions and teachings is that the current “human kind” is desperately seeking a way to live in a society that nurtures the duality of the feminane and masculine traits of our oldest rulers, the Goddesses.

At Awakening Our Souls you will be provided the tools needed to access “your Soul Purpose”, “define “your” spiritual practice” that supports your purpose and practical guides to living “your” fullest expression of yourself and serving the world.